• Rovaco Dance Party 2018

    Sunday, August 12th at 6pm | Arts on Site NYC, Studio 3F

    Join us for an evening of dance, music, and drinks in celebration of Rovaco's 2018-19 Season! Featuring beatboxing by Fernando Acevedo, piano performance by Stanislav Fridman, after-party beats by Cameron Mckinney/DJ Tokyo Drifter, and FREE beers for all! Tickets are available via the link below starting at $15.

  • CUNY Dance Initiative Residency 2017-18

    LaGuardia Performing Arts Center at LaGuardia Community College

    We are ecstatic to announce that Rovaco is working with City University of New York's Dance Initiative in collaboration with LaGuardia Performing Arts Center! This prestigious residency offers rehearsal space, resources, and funds to emerging and established dance companies in NYC.


  • IMPRESSIONS: Rovaco Dance Company's "7:1"

    Written by Juan Michael Porter II of Dance Enthusiast and Broadway World

    "As producers working in a recital hall that was never meant to house a project of this scale, I greatly admire Alex Chadwell and Rohan Bhargava for this seamless production. All they need is a theatre large enough to showcase their talent."

  • 3-2-1: Rovaco Dance Company at The Paradise Factory

    Written by Courtney Escoyne of Dance Magazine and The Stewardship Report

    "The program was entertaining across the board without sacrificing strong composition and challenging movement. It was emotionally compelling and varied."